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With over 80 years of experience working in over 80 countries around the world, we understand the pace at which the global business landscape is evolving.

Our services

Our expertly designed training and assessment solutions target English language and professional communications skills. 

Solutions for your business are available in flexible formats and at different price points to suit your timelines, budget and procurement processes. We can provide:

  • Needs analysis that identifies skills gaps and competencies employees should develop
  • Customised learning packages to align with business needs
  • Flexible scheduling in formats that suit your business (face-to-face, online and self-study)
  • Interactive sessions led by expert trainers
  • Dashboards and reports to help measure training impact and ROI.

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Why choose us?

Immediate and transferable skills

Our practical and relevant learning solutions can ensure your team develop new essential skills, and are able to easily and immediately apply them in the workplace. 

Engaging and interactive sessions

We will help your business adapt to the changing professional landscape, and will up-skill your employees with relevant, practical and engaging training and assessment. We work with you to get the best out of your employees, ensuring courses progress as planned and any challenges are handled in real time.

Get the buy-in and budget you need

We can help you communicate how learning programmes align with your business needs and provide long-term benefits.

Measure success and ROI

Assessments before, during and at the end of courses set benchmarks and track employee progress throughout.