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Our services

We work in partnership with educational institutions to develop teaching and assessment plans for students and academic staff. We can provide:

  • Customisable English and communication skills courses
  • Courses for staff that improve course delivery in English
  • General and Academic English courses for students
  • Targeted coaching from specialists that prepares students for IELTS
  • In-sessional and pre-sessional course delivery options
  • Online, face-to-face and self-study courses
  • Globally recognised certification
  • Affiliate partnership opportunities for our courses and assessments.

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Why choose us?

Over 80 years of experience

We have a proven track record of success when working with educational institutions worldwide. 

Empower your students

Enable students to read, write, listen and speak English with confidence and prepare them for studying in English. 

Targeted solutions that get results 

We help students achieve globally recognised certifications and IELTS scores that secure admission to degree programmes delivered in English.

Improve staff confidence

Our courses enhance workplace communication and course delivery in English.