12:34  How L&D can positively impact workplace wellbeing
Tuesday 02 May 2023 -
12:00 to 13:00
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Workplace well-being is an important concern, yet initiatives rolled out in the early days of the pandemic may no longer meet our needs. Join us for this panel discussion for valuable advice on how L&D can develop a holistic approach to well-being and support business outcomes. This is your chance to pose questions and interact with L&D leaders about the subject of workplace wellbeing in greater depth:

  • What is workplace wellbeing?
  • Why do we need to rethink workplace wellbeing?
  • How can L&D positively impact workplace wellbeing?

A webinar for HR and L&D leaders

The speakers

Georgina Reeves-Saad

Georgina Reeves-Saad is the Employee Engagement and Experience Lead for the British Council. As a communications and engagement specialist, Georgina has more than twenty years’ experience in a range of organisations. She works directly with and advises senior leaders on employee experience to help them understand the links between productivity, engagement and effectiveness, and how this underpins the successful delivery of business strategy. This includes using people data and evidence to make strategic business decisions; managing change successfully; transforming ways of working; supporting life/work harmony; and creating a vibrant and inspiring organisational culture. Georgina’s ambition is to make work work better for everyone.

Alex Png

Alex is the Chief People Officer for Intrepid Group. He has over a decade of experience in marketing and HR, having worked for both Fortune 500 Companies and smaller-scale startups in Southeast Asia. Alex has a proven track record of building high-performing teams from scratch, and has led his teams to win multiple HR awards for recruitment, culture, engagement, and employer branding.

A key learning point in Alex's career has been the importance of creating a strong company culture to drive employee engagement and retention. He has used this learning to build thriving teams in his current role at Intrepid Group and in his previous roles at Circles.Life and Grab.

Alex is passionate about the tech sector and has lent his expertise as a Startup Advisor at GTM Venture Studio, one of San Francisco's foremost full-stack SaaS venture companies. Outside of work, he enjoys experimenting in his home kitchen and reading books on therapy and positive psychology. Alex is also a certified Professional Life Coach, dedicated to helping others achieve their personal and professional goals.

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